WordPress 2.1, a major upgrade

Polizeros is now running WordPress 2.1, their just-released new version. You may notice the site loads faster, that’s because the database code has been optimized to run more efficiently and quicker.

Interestingly, BlueHost, where Polizeros is hosted, had a one-click upgrade to the new version available just three days after the release, where they normally take several weeks to do so. Maybe that’s because optimized database code in WordPress means much less load on their servers, so they want people to upgrade quickly. They host 225,000 sites, many of which are WordPress blogs, and have just done major streamlining and speeding up themselves. So Polizeros should be zipping along quickly now for the forseeable future.

PS The one-click upgrade to a new version offered by BlueHost is a truly useful feature. Yes, you can manually upgrade in about ten minutes if you know how to use ftp, but why bother. If you get a WordPress.ORG blog, find a host with one-click upgrades. Another alternative to get a free hosted account at WordPress.COM like I use for my tech blog.

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