A nuclear power renaissance?

nuclear power plant

80% of the power in France comes from nuclear reactors. Other countries, wanting to cut back on greenhouse gases and not be reliant on outside sources for power, are seriously looking at building new nuclear plants.

Cost is the primary reason blocking them from being built, as are very expensive, and that’s not even counting all the subsidies and tax breaks. So, nuclear power isn’t than other power. Proponents say they’ve solved the storage problem, but have they really? Plus, it sure makes me nervous when countries, Great Britain being one, say they want to “loosen restrictions” on nuclear plants being built. And if a new plant is projected to cost 4 billion to build, you can bet it’ll end up being much more. So, there’s all manner of reason to not use nuclear.

Renewable energy plants can be built less expensively and much faster than nuclear plants, which are inherently more dangerous and have storage costs that go on forever. Renewables are the way to go.

Having said that, many new nuclear plants will no doubt be built. Sigh. But probably not in the US, as public opinion (NIMBY) and the regulatory process will make it next to impossible to do.

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