Honoring Hrant Dink

Hrant Dink

There have been large demonstrations in Turkey and vigils in Los Angeles to honor the memory of Hrant Dink, Turkish-Armenian newspaper editor who was murdered yesterday. He was a leader in the movement to have the Armenian genocide recognized as such in Turkey, something which got him a six month suspended sentence for insulting “Turkishness.”

Because, you see, it’s illegal in Turkey to discuss the genocide.


  1. It is not illegal in Turkey to discuss the Genocide. It is socially unacceptable, but not illegal.
    Just a note from a symphatetic reader.

  2. Yet he was almost imprisoned for doing just that. And a new investigation against him had been started. An Armenian friend here in LA mentioned to me that discussing it was illegal, so that’s why I blogged it. The important thing is that Dink was a brave man and a freedom fighter.Am reposting from your blog


    “I am shaken by another one of those political murders in Turkey. An Armenian intellectual was murdered yesterday. Shocking, I want to say, but to be honest I should not be shocked. I feel angry, but worse, most depressed and hopeless about the future. Not much has changed since 1915. It is the same mindset and the same evil racism that killed Dink isn’t it ? How can one hope the future will be different when the past is not properly dealt with ?!”

  3. Bob,
    We obviously agree on that.
    What makes me sick is the feeling that both the Turkish government ( who practically turned his life into misery by numerous prosecutions ) and the Armenian diaspora ( for whom Dink was not really a popular man because of his opinions on reconciliation )will abuse his corpse/memory for their political agenda.

  4. Dear Sirs,
    Our grandfathers and grandmothers were killed by their neighbours, Armenians who are supporting Russia in WW1. They were put in the mosques and burned. We have listened their stories from the living old people. Then as a reaction Turks killed Armenians. To avoid more casualties, the government decided to move Armenians. So both sides killed each other but not by an order from the Ottoman government. This is not a genocide. Today, we never ask or mind if sbdy is Armenian, Kurdish or any other race. Just come and live here to see how Turkish people ignore race discrimination. We are sorry for Mr. Dink’s death. But this event won’t change the truth that Armenian Genocide is a lie. The biggest lie on the earth as they know it themselves since they do not open their archives.Turkish government calls the historians to invesitgate it. But the American, European and Armenian politicians prefer using this big lie against Turkey for their own advantages..

  5. Dear Levent,
    I tend to receive your comment as sincere – yet misinformed.

    I have a few questions :

    1. Have you ever met a Genocide survivor – or his/her children/grandchildren ?

    2. You said “today, we never ask or mind if sbdy is Armenian, Kurdish or any other race. Just come and live here to see how Turkish people ignore race discrimination.”

    – Does Turkey have ONE SINGLE governor,police officer,army officer or so on ? Have you ever met a Christian employed at any level of a government bureau ?

    – What do you think about the lands/properties owned by Greek/Armenian citizens and/or foundations confiscated by the Turkish government ? The very childrens camp Mr Dink. was running years ago in Istanbul was confiscated by the government. Did you ever wonder what happened there and in many other cases ?

    Have a blessed day

  6. Oguz Tanrisever

    Hrant Dink was an honest intellectual,a man of dignity , a father of three children, a man who has been raised in an orphanage and endured the difficulties of life in an early age.

    As a Turk I do not view him from his ethnic origin but as a dignified man who put his views bravely( some of which I disagree)

    We are all deeply affected by his death. I happened to be in istanbul that day and witnessed many people with tears in their eyes.

    Let his soul lye in peace.

  7. […] A reader comments in our post Honoring Hrant Dink Hrant Dink was an honest intellectual,a man of dignity, a father of three children, a man who has been raised in an orphanage and endured the difficulties of life in an early age. […]

  8. I fuck Armenian, Kurdish and Francish because no Armenian 1.500.000 people dead, because they
    are date 1915 people 1.000.000 :S how 1.000.000 people Armenian how 1.500.000 Armenian dead???

  9. Dear Cem, you obviously have problems to deal with. First of which is to learn how to speak(or write in this case). I understood your argument and respect the view, however you opened your sentence by swearig and to me, that shows that you have personal issues and don;t belong in intellectual open discussions such as this

    As for Levents comments above…“today, we never ask or mind if sbdy is Armenian, Kurdish or any other race. Just come and live here to see how Turkish people ignore race discrimination.”

    Levent, you clearly live in your country and have your eyes closed. I suggest you wear a cross on your chest, unbutton your shirt and walk around in Istanbul (alledgedely the most modern city of Turkey) and come back at the end of 2 days and let us know how it went. Then we will listen.

    I applaude all people who are using this opportunity to communicate and try to lift the barriers of race , religion and embrace peace.

  10. I’m with Dave.

    Every one in every nation should, somehow, deal with the agony of the past either as victim or as perpetrator to be able to move on.. move on in peace, towards the peace!

    We, as generation, shouldn’t be carrying and passing on the anger of the past generations. This cycle should be broken. We can only afford passing on the peace to the next generations.

    Adopting this mission today may or may not help us to understand one another better but it, sure, will help next generations to secure the peace on earth.

    Now, our old land failed to protect another of its precious intellectuals who was making a huge difference towards the peace. That’s how I see it.

  11. Magakur/Sefatli

    Htant Dink has been murdered for being Armenian an wishing to discuss the wrongs comited against Armenians by previous Turkish governemts.
    Ogun Samast pulled the trigger, inspired by wasters in Trabzon alleyways, and egged on by his Mum who put on a big show for the TV by pretending to faint when the reporters came in to Interview her over her sons arrest. The right wing parties are happy over Hrant’s death and so in a way is the Turkish government for they are rid of a brave voice of human rights in Turkey. The problem with Turkey is a question of identity. Who are they?

    They are the descendents of Christian slaves who converted to Islam by force and adopted Turkish names, and as the generations passed they forgot their origins.

    The Greeks, Assyrians, Kurds, Armenians, Laz and Cherkez are fortunate that they have retained their identity, for now.

    I hope justice is dealt for the soul of Hrant Dink…

  12. First of all i have to exclaim one truth.

    Actually im from turkey but my origin is coming from Armenian. In the period of genocide my family members were living in Malatya city. Once ottoman empire ordered(General Talat) to ‘clean’ anatolian from the “christian” folks chain articulated on our destiny. They had got one bloody policy of sanctions which one was calling like “wealth tax” Basically Racist ottoman empire officers gave choose chance to Armenians to become “Muslim Turk” or “Implement”.

    After 4 death of my family member they converted to become muslim. (Actualy we never carried “muslim”religion)
    In fact that case were talking in the border of our “family” . . We are Armenians even we dont know neither knowledge of literature nor language stuffs.

    That is the story of us who assimilated and paid huge consideration in their past.
    But still without shame some subjective subcontractors argument with oppossed Armenian folk.

    To Levent

    Act of lie completely connected to your superstition of official history.

    There is no need to discuss all the things by long drawn explanation.

    Just have a look at Mustafa Kemal declaration (in the American Newspaper at 1919)

    He mentioned about -Talat and the racist group name as the same as “Jon Turkler”, who tried to make assassination to Mustafa Kemal in izmir. (The formal party name was Ittihak ve Terakki)

    In the declaration, Mustafa kemal said ” Those rachists tried to kill me for their bloody politics at the same time they killed many Christian (which means Armenian and Suryani) ottoman citizens in 1915″

    Those words are written by Mustafa Kemal to American newspaper In New York Times. 1919 (Clanence K. Streit)

    Moreover 2 main factor was established in the history. (Kazimkarabekir Troops and Hamidiye Troops)

    Hamidiye troops to be formed from kurds who directived by the turks in 1915 . Actualy they were cheated by ottoman empire cause goverment officers said to kurds that they will get the independence against their country in consideration of killing Armenians.

    But after Armenian genocide they shared same destiny as Armenians.


    To Sefatli

    *They are the descendents of Christian slaves who converted to Islam by force and adopted Turkish names, and as the generations passed they forgot their origins.*

    We never forget our origins. And we gave our honor back to Hrant in funeral.
    Fairly we recognized all the time our elderly people and martyrs such as Hrant.

    I have to complete my feelings in turkish(in order to explain my point to turkish racists) cause someone might be think that im a stranger.

    Yuzyillardan beri 75 halk kitlesinin mozagini olusturdugu anadolu topraklarini salt tek tiplestirmek adina kana boyamaya calistiginizdan beri ne degisti ?
    1.5 milyon insani katlettiniz doymadiniz mi ?
    Bugun ayni politikalari kurtler uzerinde uygulamaya calismaniz tarihin tekerrurden ibaret oldugunun da bir gostergesidir ayni zamanda.

    Daha kac Hrantin bedel odemesi gerekiyor bu yegane gercegi kafaniza sokabilmek icin ?
    Gunes Balcikla sivanir mi ?

    Kanla beslenmenin vampirlere ozgu bir sorun oldugunu dusunurduk hep. Ama size o misyonu yakistirmak bu efsanevi karekterlere dahi hakaret olurdu.
    Sizler katliamci asimilasyoncu fasist Turk Islam sentezinin kontrgerillalarisiniz.

    Ruzgan ekecek olan firtinayida dusunmekle mukelleftir.

    Bedel odedik bedel odettirecegiz…

    Hrantlar Olmez!!!!(HRANT DIDNT DIE!!!)

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