Music is Revolution

Music is Revolution

From, the three remaining members of the legendary MC5, comes news of Michael Davis’ new foundation, Music is Revolution.

Here are a few pleasantly surprising facts about music, including that much-aligned rock and roll rubbish…

Did you know…

Music education has been proven to raise cognitive ability and test scores in students? Yes.

Musical knowledge reduces absenteeism and drop-out rates? Yes.

If you answered Yes to the questions above (and we did it for you so you have no excuse other than to read on), then it’s a great time to tell you about MUSIC IS REVOLUTION, the new non-profit organization founded by Michael Davis and Angela Davis. MUSIC IS REVOLUTION was created to support music education in public schools and it’s busy raising money to offer mini-grants to teachers in public schools all over the U.S. to bring a variety of musical experiences to students.

Helping with the cause are volunteers you might know, like singer Handsome Dick Manitoba, deejay/indie-label man Steve Aoki, pro-skater Corey Duffel, artist Shepard Fairey and many other generous artists and scholars around the United States.

Remember, 100% of profits are going directly to the teachers and students.

Go to and let the kids see a sea of hands.

Davis details why he started the foundation.

In the late 60’s, my band, the MC5, adopted a stance that challenged the status quo of our social system. While we were striving to make people aware of the need for reform, we were not tuned in to the correct method of reaching our goals. We chose to make confrontations with the old order and got blown out of the water. Now I realize that the police and the government are usually merely doing their jobs, and the real issues can only be dealt with by the next generation. This is our greatest resource and our closest ally.

I feel good about this. So, let’s get down with it and kick up a little Music Is Revolution out there. Brothers and Sisters, the time has come for each and every one of you to be a part of the solution: MUSIC IS REVOLUTION.

For those more-Left-than-thou who might bemoan that Davis is not overtly political any more, the MC5 did indeed pay a serious price for their rebellion, while their Kick Out The Jams remains one of the best rock and roll albums ever made. They paid some serious dues and his foundation deserves much support.

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