The cost of climate change

climate change warming

A state of Washington report on the effects of climate change said “It’s safe to say that virtually every aspect of the state’s economy will be affected by climate change.” This includes higher prices for lumber, water, and crops and additional expenses to protect shorelines from flooding.

But of course it’s not just Washington, it’s happening in all the states. Plant zones shifted one zone north from 1990-2006, Sue says, what happens when Connecticut (where we’re moving to) becomes California? And what will the climate in southern California be like in 10 years? More to the point, given that SoCal pipes in all its water from hundreds of miles away, will increased temperatures mean less available water? Then there’s the enormously fertile Central Valley agriculture where vast amounts of crops are grown. Will those crops continue to grow if plant zones continue shifting northward and water gets scarcer?

The political and economic ramifications of global warming are going to be huge and worldwide. We need to take action now.

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