Connecticut activist arrested on bogus charges

Key Kraseske

Green activist Ken Krayeske was photographing Connecticut Republican Governor Rell’s inaugural parade this January when he was arrested for no apparent reason. He was on a state police enemies list, yes, an enemies list. Bail was set at an outrageous $75,000, a clear example of the truism – the worse the police misconduct, the more severe the charges.

Governor Rell was shocked, just shocked, and has asked for a review of the arrest. Krayeske’s lawyer, Norman A. Pattis, expects the charges will be dropped. (Then presumably the lawsuit for illegal arrest will commence.) He also says Rell had to know about the list.

Now the case will automatically be transferred to Hartford Superior Court. Where “we expect it will be nolled or dismissed,” Pattis said.

“We’re not admitting we did anything wrong,” Pattis said. But if the “governor’s goons” take exception to that then he looks forward to a “vigorous and spirited fight in court,” he said.

Connecticut blogs were and are all over this story.

And Pattis sounds like my kind of lawyer.

Krayeske blogs at 40 Year Plan, where he’s posted about his legal defense fund.

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