US attacks inside Somalia

Today Bush will announce plans to “surge” the wars in Iraq as US fighters attack targets in Somalia. How many more civilians will die? And how fast will the resistance in Somalia grow because of this US assault? Plenty fast is my guess, just like it did in Iraq.

It’s the same pattern all over again. Vicious, unprovoked attacks by the US spawn a resistance which the US is unable to defeat. Yet the US ruling class persists in their delusion that if they keep doing the same thing, this time the results will be different. They’re desperate, aren’t they? The US is already losing in Afghanistan and Iran, yet they’re on the brink of invading Somalia and bombing Iran. Madness. As well as blood lust for oil and dominance.

Some Democrats, showing their usual distressing lack of vertebrae, will have “symbolic” votes against the surge plan. However, Ted Kennedy says he wants to block funding for new troops. Good.

Some background – U.S. orchestrates Ethiopian invasion of Somalia