Pellet stoves

John Robb says

We put in a pellet stove earlier this year. It’s working great. It’s heating a 5,000 sf home for $7 a day to 70 degrees. Sorry about the carbon, but the cost reduction and the ability to diversify our energy sources more than outweighs it.

Pellet stoves look a bit like wood-burning stoves but actually are quite high-tech and extremely efficient, with little smoke. The pellets are made from biomass leftovers of wheat, corn, and wood processing and are widely available from pellet mills. The stoves have electric fans to draw in air, which is then heated and blown back out. They are thermostatically controlled, with the pellets being fed in as needed from the hopper. You can even fit them in where existing fireplaces are.

Hometips explains how they work.

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