It lives, Dr. Frankenstein, it lives

Just when capitalists thought they’d put a stake through the heart of Marxism, back from the grave it creeps, says that bastion of capitalism, the Financial Times.

How can it be, as a United Nations report recently estimated, that the richest 2 per cent of the world’s adult population own more than 50 per cent of global assets while the poorest 50 per cent own only 1 per cent? How can one understand capital without Das Kapital?

“Far from being buried under the rubble of the Berlin Wall, Marx may only now be emerging in his true significance. He could yet become the most influential thinker of the twenty-first century,” Francis Wheen, his British biographer, concludes in a recent essay on Das Kapital.

It’s that darned class divide, says FT, with a few ultra-wealthy getting richer and everyone else just trying to get along, that is leading to the reemergence of Marxism.


HT. Lenin’s Tomb.