I’ve been tagged

Nether-World tagged me with “What are the seven best things you did this past year?”, so here goes…

1) Had a wonderful second year of marriage with Sue. This is the first marriage for both of us, I was 56, she 50, when we tied the knot.

2) Helped organize antiwar marches and rallies in Los Angeles with ANSWER LA. It’s huge amounts of work, great people, gives things focus.

3) Made solid plans to escape from Los Angeles and move to Connecticut where planning your day around projected freeway congestion is not part of the lifestyle.

4) Spent two weeks in Maui. We shall return. (Actually, as I blog this, we’re still there!)

5) Went to Gnomedex and geeked out totally.

6) Started using Ubuntu, and will probably get a MacBook, all part of the plan to become Microsoft-free.

7) Continued with Polizeros, met lots of great bloggers, and currently get 4,000+ visits a day, which is more than I ever expected this hard left blog to get. Thank you!

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