The Idiot-in-Chief says more troops needed

a) More troops hasn’t helped before.
b) The US military doesn’t have more troops to spare.
c) If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.

But reality and facts never dent the thick skull of George “I Am Inerrant” Bush. The crickets you hear are the pretend opposition AKA the Democratic Party protesting not a bit about this new insanity of Dubya’s.

But then, al the DC pols, regardless of party, are in basic agreement. The US can not be seen to have lost in Iraq. Plus, US foreign policy for years has had US hegemony in the Middle East as a primary goal. That’s why no one in DC is protesting beyond a few mild comments. It’s because they basically agree with Bush and with the goals of US imperialism.

An independent people’s movement is needed to stop the wars. That’s what will keep pressure on them. Let’s keep organizing.