Some faith groups say bottled water immoral

Thou shalt not murder. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife. Thou shalt not … drink bottled water?

Reasons include that the water used in bottling comes from poorer areas, thus either depriving them of water or making it more expensive. Then there’s the appalling number of non-biodegradable plastic bottles that end in landfills. The religious groups involved are both evangelical and mainstream. Implicit in this is a fight against water privatization.


  1. Never thought I’d find myself in agreement with, ahhh… “faith groups”.

    Water will be the most prescious resource of the twenty-first century (ce).

  2. Progressive activism is often a weird mix of the hard left and religious people.

    In ‘Bury the Chains’, a book about the start of the movement against slavery in Britain (which was ultimately successful), Quakers played a major role.

    During the US civil rights movement, organizing was done by the hard left and also fby aith-based groups.

    These two factions don’t often communicate, however they certainly have much in common.

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