Whither the antiwar movement

Another blog is possible wonders why the antiwar movement isn’t bigger, better organized, and more influential. The huge amount of mainstream media cheerleading for the war is certainly one reason. Another is that intensity among students isn’t as pronounced as in the 60’s because there’s no draft.

They intelligently bash a hand-wringing liberal Slate article on the alleged lack of an antiwar movement, pointing out the article tries to imply that current antiwar activities are somehow ‘hippie’ in intent. Hippies apparently are now the new commies. It you can’t refute the antiwar movement with logic and fact, then slime by calling them hippie throwbacks. The article also makes the laughable assumption that SDS were hippie. Ah no. Fellow travelers to be sure, but hardly hardcore hippie.

As one who is active in the antiwar movement, I wish it was bigger. We in the ANSWER Coalition work hard to build the movement. Another blog is possible is an anarchist blog, and thus a bit suspicious of groups like ANSWER. Hey, we can’t and won’t agree on everything, but in opposition to the war(s) we stand together. So let’s avoid silly tempests in a teapot. We have lots of common ground.