Maui wind turbines

90% of electrical production for Hawaii comes from imported petroleum. In other words, the oil comes in by boat. Yikes. Not real sustainable, is it? However the state is acting fast to create renewable energy.

Just this year, new wind turbines on the West Maui Mountains now provide Maui with 10% of its energy, with plans in progress to increase that to 20%.

Hopefully they’ll make it even more than that. Power can also be generated from the movement of tides, and there’s plenty of ocean around Maui too!

I can see the turbines in the distance out the window. They aren’t overly obtrusive and are well away from homes, etc. They are deliberately painted white to keep birds from flying into them, rather than a camouflage color that would fade into the background. Wind turbines are huge and noisy, so it’s best to keep them away from people, but then most people wouldn’t want to live where’s there’s steady powerful winds anyway.

Why bring in oil by boat to generate electricity when you can generate your own without oil.