Bush wants to send more troops to Iraq

Yes, more troops. On a “temporary” basis (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), of course.

Ok Democrats, you got elected on a surge of antiwar sentiment. Now is the time to act. Block the funding, raise a stink, stop the wars. Now.

Else everyone will think you’re both lame and complicit.


  1. I trust that everybody realizes that this is simply an appalling act of cynicism by McCain (to salvage his pro-war 2008 Presidential campaign) and Bush (to salvage his place in history, as if such a thing were possible after so many screwups). McCain and Bush are actually terrified that they’ll GET the additional troops and thus be proved wrong. This allows them to cry about a lack of support and a stab in the back by the cowardly Democrats who don’t have the stomach for real governing. (Brains, apparently, are not a required condition in the Republican world view.) This isn’t real and is purely political posturing.

  2. Meanwhile, the deaths and suffering of Iraqis and US military matter little to their political calculations.

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