Biofuel and Begley

Green Lisa comments

My friend Scott Miller has a few blogs on BioConversion and BioOutput you might be interested in.

He covered the 1st ever Alternative Car and Transportation Expo in Santa Monica. I was there, too and so was Ed Begley, of course. It was cool.

Ed Begley announced he has a new show, “Living with Ed,” a humorous and informative look at his home/ life off the grid in Studio City, premiering on HGTV, Jan. 1 right after the Rose Parade.

Scott Miller blogs extensively biofuel from an insider’s viewpoint at three blogs.

BioStock. “biomass feedstock issues. which are being used, how they are being transported, and what pre-processing technologies are being developed.”

Bioconversion. “international biomass conversion issues – process R&D, facility deployments, and new developments.”

. “output of biomass conversion technologies – emissions, biofuels, electricity, green chemicals – and new uses for them.”

Actor Ed Begley Jr., of course, has been an electric-car driving, recycling, enviromental activist for decades, inspiring countless others to do the same.