Here today, gone to Maui

For the past several weeks I’ve in effect been the general contractor on the remodeling of our house. The living room and dining room got turned into one big room by taking down a wall. The master bath now has a granite counter and new fixtures. The lawn is being re-sodded, and everything got painted. The kitchen will get major remodeling while we’re gone on vacation.

After several week of learning quite a lot about paint, electrical, knocking down walls, butcher block counter tops, sprinkler systems, and more, we are escaping to Maui. Sue’s parents have retired there, and they have an ohana (guest cottage, which by Maui regulations can not be more than 600 sq. ft. and you can’t have more than one per property) so it makes for a fun, inexpensive vacation.

We plan to visit with Scott Crawford of Hawaiian Independence Blog and see the lo’i they’ve planted, among other things.

So let them bash and crash away at the kitchen remodel in L.A.. We’ll be in the ohana in Maui eating apple bananas (“short plump bananas with an apple after-taste, which many people love”) getting some badly needed downtime.

P.S. Everything they say about home remodeling being a major stress is true. But then, many don’t have a home to remodel, so perspective is always useful.