1. My friend Scott Miller has a few blogs on BioConversion and BioOutput you might be interested in, Bob.
    He covered the 1st ever Alternative Car and Transporation Expo in Santa Monica. I was there , too and so was Ed Begley, of course. It was cool.

    Ed Begley announced he has a new show, “Living with Ed,” a humorous and informative look at his home/ life off the grid in Studio City, premiering on HGTV, Jan. 1 right after the Rose Parade.


  2. Algae as a biofuel is AWESOME because if it comes soon enough, works well and is cheap enough, the world’s current and growing reliance on palm oil and soy as a biofuel will be broken and MAYBE we can save some of the precious rainforests from being felled for mono-agriculture palm and soy and prevent the extinction of the species they contain!! My personal love is the orangutan and at the current rate of conversion of rainforest to palm oil in Indonesia, they are predicted to become functionally extinct in the wild in just two years – 2008. Bring on algae biofuel!!!

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