Old-fashioned police work

A recent convert to Islam who told people he wanted to commit jihad and explode hand grenades in a mall was arrested in Chicago trying to buy hand grenades. The FBI learned of the plan from an alarmed acquaintance of the guy (who certainly seems a lone wacko to me) who then cased the mall with him, looking for places to plant them, while reporting back to the FBI. So, it appears this was a genuine threat.

They arrested the guy through solid police work, not bizarre governmental monitoring schemes scanning everyone’s email and phone records or insisting that carry-on plastic bottles at airports be put only put in zippable baggies, etc. No, they got him the old-fashioned way; a tip, followed by months of work – which seems the best, most effective way, as well as being the least harmful to civil liberties.

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  1. The mall, and the arrest, were not in Chicago. This incident took place in Rockford, IL, about 80 miles west.

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