More poisonings in Litvinenko case

Third Russian sick from radiation

Radiation ‘trace’ at Hamburg flat

Russian authorities say Litvinenko was killed to make them look bad

A Chechen separatist says Putin was behind Litvinenko’s death

Mario Scaramella,the Italian who was poisoned, has KGB links

Andrei Lugovoy was poisoned too but somehow hasn’t been questioned yet.

Dmitry Kovtun is desperately ill from the poison

So, how does someone spread radioactive poison getting contaminated themselves when a quiet bullet in the head or being disappeared would also do the job? Screw with us and you die slowly and painfully seems to be the message being sent.

The trail sure seems to lead to Putin, right? Except the trail is so obvious, that maybe it was meant to look that way. But then, the Russian government is obviously stonewalling…

During the organized crimes wars in Chicago during the 30’s, no one much cared as long as they only killed each other. I mean, there’s no heroes here, all of them have murky, KGB, and worse backgrounds. A private war between thugs has broken out into the open, that’s what’s going on.

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