Killing spam, and more

Like many of us, I have multiple email accounts. Some of them get large amounts of spam and while the spam killers on those servers kill most the spam, they don’t kill all of it.

Plus, it’s a pain to read some accounts in Thunderbird (my mail client) and my online email, like Google Gmail and Yahoo Mail, elsewhere. So, I’ve combined all of them into one and killed virtually all the spam in the process.

Here’s what I did.

I now forward mail from all my other email accounts to my Google Gmail account. You can easily set the forwarding in the configuration for those accounts.

When the forwarded mail hits Gmail, it is gets filtered. The filter for my polizeros email, for example, says take any mail addressed to me at polizeros, label it as polizeros, and archive it immediately. A label is like a folder. Thus, any mail from polizeros immediately is put into a GMail folder named polizeros. Plus, Gmail has a great spam killer. So not only can I read email from all my accounts in one place, there’s practically no spam in any of them because they’ve been spam checked twice – once by the originating email account and then again by Gmail.

You can respond from Gmail to any of those accounts using that email address, not your Gmail address, a useful feature indeed. Also, I used to read some of these email accounts via the Thunderbird mail client on my home computer. But that mail was difficult to get to if away from home or traveling. Now, all that email is being forwarded to Gmail, so I can access from any location with a net connection.

What do all of you do to kill spam and make email easier?