Let’s see, they recommended the US sort of withdraw, but keep a lot of troops there anyway until everything is ok, unless it isn’t. Also, they say, the US should open negotiations with two countries they’ve threatened to invade, to get them “involved” in helping the US save face, because of course, a country you’ve been bellicose to will leap at the opportunity to be of service to you.

Do I have this right?

From John Robb

As smart and experienced as these people are, why would anyone think that they could develop a strategy for warfare?

Oh, that…

The ISG did say the Israeli-Palestine creates instability in the Mideast and needs to be resolved, which is actually a big step forward for ruling class types like Baker. Israel, naturally, promptly denounced this while Dubya said he’ll only talk to Syria if they promise to do what he wants first. So, the loony neocons are persisting in their delusions. Ah well, reality will slap them upside the head soon enough.

Why? Because the business class increasingly realizes that Bush, the neocons, and a warlike Israel are terrible for business, that’s why.