Owens Valley gets their water back

The City of Los Angeles stole their water 93 years ago. Yesterday, with the turn of a valve, huge amounts of water will now flow back into the Owens Valley, and this area, which had become a dust bowl, will now begin to be restored to what it had been.

The court battles to make this happen took a long time, and the City of L.A. fought it every inch of the way, until a judge mandated they act. The politics of water are perhaps the most brass-knuckled in all of the southwest.

This tidbit.

The two Los Angeles aqueducts deliver about 430 million gallons a day to the city.

Virtually all the water for southern California, including L.A. and Orange County, is piped in from hundreds of miles away, mostly from the Sacramento delta and the Colorado River, which seems a quite mad and unsustainable system, doesn’t it?