Litvinenko and the shadowlands

Chris Floyd has written for the Moscow Times and the St. Petersburg Times. In Empire Burlesque, his blog, he details the Litvinenko case and the various players with the knowledge of someone who knows the territory well.

A key conclusion

Almost every single player in the Litvinenko killing could have had access to the sophisticated technical means necessary to deliver Polonium 210 as an edible poison. It’s not clear at all that any of them had a compelling reason to do so.

But it’s clear from all the facts available that the one person who would benefit least from the murder is the one who has been most widely and confidently accused of ordering it: Putin.

Some educated speculation on who could have ordered the poisoning shows a murky, treacherous shadowlands indeed.

More: Now it’s claimed Litvinenko might have been about to blackmail senior Russian officials, which would certainly be motive enough to kill him, assuming it’s true, and given the murk here, who knows?


  1. Um, was Putin being behind it in any sort of doubt? I mean, the British press may not have said, but every single report I have seen or read hsas included the line “and Litvinenko was a vocal critic of Putin’s regime…” as if it were a relevant detail.

    Which it is.

  2. If Putin did do, why did he do it in such a bizarre and also obvious way that would make everyone think he ordered it? Why not just disappear Litvinenko instead?

    Which is not to say Putin didn’t order it.

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