Hardwood floor installers, sheesh

We’ve been doing lots of work on the house, preparing to put it on the market in January, part of our planned escape from Los Angeles.

We’ve knocked down a wall to turn the living room and dining room into one big room. It went quick and easy. Ditto for updating the master bath, and landscaping. No problems.

But with the hardwood flooring, we hit a a brick wall. Many places either sell the wood or install, but not both, which complicates things. Getting bids has been instructive, with bait and switch and sleazy sales reps apparently the norm. Finally asked a friend who owns several rental homes, hey, are all hardwood floor installers this unreliable. He said he’d never found a good one and didn’t know anyone who had – unless you went way high end.

All other breeds of contractors have been fine, but hardwood floor installers get Worst of Breed from us. So, we’ll do carpeting instead, using a solid, reliable place who can do the whole thing in a day for a third the price, and do it right, quickly, and honestly.