We’re all DFHs now

The meme is being spread by liberal / progressive blogs. We’re all Dirty Fucking Hippies now because we oppose the war – at least in the eyes of the now-losing and discredited neocons who have been getting quite grumpy about their loss of status and power.

Both Technorati and Google Blog Search show how far the meme has spread.

Say it loud. I’m a DFH and I’m proud.

Hey, what goes around comes around, I’m a boomer and was a hippie “peace-creep” (as Ed Sanders of the Fugs put it) back in the 60’s.

From Ed Sanders testimony in the Chicago 7 trial

MR. WEINGLASS: Mr. Sanders, could you indicate to the Court and to the jury what your present occupation is?

THE WITNESS: I am a poet, songwriter, leader of a rock and roll band, publisher, editor, recording artist, peace-creep–

MR. SCHULTZ: What was the last one, please?

THE COURT: Peace-creep?

THE WITNESS: Yes, sir.

THE COURT: Will you please spell it for the reporter?

THE WITNESS: P-E-A-C-E, hyphen, C-R-E-E-P.

THE COURT: Peace-creep, Mr. Schultz.

THE WITNESS [continuing] –and yodeler.