The country with the worst public image is…

Israel – by a wide margin too, no other country was even close to being ranked as badly in this international survey.


For all the talk of ‘Islamo-fascism’, the only fascist party ever to have emerged in the Middle East has been the Phalange, and its genocidal skills were deployed on behalf of Israel and no one else. This is the tradition represented by the deceased Pierre Amine Gemayel.

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  1. I think you can make a decent argument that the Baa’th parties, particularly in Iraq, were fascist: nationalist, extolling the virtues of the state, the cult of personality. Less so, perhaps, under Assad pere in Syria (much more complex ethnic mix there which complicates the analysis). An argument can be made for present-day Egypt as well.

    The concept of a Salafi-fascist state is patently absurd. The concept, however, is extremely useful for revealing the ignorance and intellectual bankruptcy of any fool who utters it.

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