Voting irregularities in Pasadena?

Bill Paparian, Green Party candidate for CA-29 in Pasadena, has written a letter to the Country Registrar concerning possible voting irregularities.

Missing ballots, faulty equipment and a sinister plot to steal the votes of senior citizens â┚¬â€ it sounds like a Third World election, or Florida 2000.

The Green Party’s candidate for Congress in that race, former Pasadena Mayor Bill Paparian, says he wrote the letter after several of his campaign volunteers and poll watchers documented voting irregularities both in and out of polling places.

We’ll keep you posted on what happens.


  1. At the campaign wrap-up we did at LA Greens, where Candidates Peter Thottam and Byron De Lear presented overviews of their campaigns, we heard Bill was planning this letter.

    Byron stated his concern that after running an almost 8 week long substantial field campaign with robo calls, 16 people precinct walking fulltime and phone banking, getting the unprecedented support of hundreds of Progressive Dems and spending much more than any Green campaign (ever I think in LA County), Berman’s percentage did not drop one iota from the last time.


    And Byron mentioned that Scott McLarty, National GP Media Director, noted that all of the high profile GP races got much less votes than expected: Kevin Zeese in MD, Byron in CA yet an unknown house race in CO got 20% for Greens.

    It’s like, we can spend 0 or $200 or $50K and we still get only 2 or 3%. What’s up with that?

  2. Bill Paparian polled twice as much as Camejo, who was at the top of the California ticket. Still, yes, it seems like he and Byron and others should have gotten much more.

    Maybe most of the antiwar vote went to the Democrats this time?

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