Corporate coffee

Starbucks is “opposing Ethiopia’s efforts to trademark the names of its most famous coffee regions Sidamo, Yirgacheffe and Harar.”

Be thankful coffee doesn’t grow in California.

Forget corporate coffee, roast your own beans instead. I’ve been doing it for a while and always get huge compliments on my coffee. Fresh-roasted tastes much better and it’s easy to do. Besides, Starbucks almost burns their beans thus what you’re tasting is the roast, not the bean. Why bother?


  1. Have you read

    Siel has a very active blog and her pet issue is fair trade coffee.

  2. Franklin W Conway

    I haven’t read your site long but noticed that yesterday you mentioned Starbucks without mentioning its union busting activities. The company in no way lives up to the progressive image it fosters. Anyone interested can go to, for the latest story, and for more context click on the Starbucks link at the bottom of that lead story, or else use Thanks

  3. I heard from a little bird that you had conquered your need for morning coffee. Is this still true?

  4. a) Give up coffee? Never!

    b) I’ve blogged on the Starbucks union activities in the past, and here’s a good blog about it.

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