Democrats: anti-war does NOT mean more war

The Iraq Study Group and Bush are now want one final push in Iraq – send in more troops, increase funding, and screw all that democracy stuff.

One of those unnamed sources said:

“If the Democrats are smart, they’ll play along, and I think they will. But forget about bipartisanship. It’s all about who’s going to be in best shape to win the White House.”

How thoughtful of the Democrats to “play along” in hopes of selfish partisan gain. I’m sure Iraqi and Americans families of those killed and maimed during their final desperate (and losing) push will appreciate the gesture.

But wait, haven’t the Democrats already been playing along on Iraq for years? Didn’t they just win an election based on being anti-war? What happened to that?

Ah well, the Twin Parties of Militarism still insist on marching lockstep towards catastrophe. Well, they certainly can’t admit they’ve lost in Iraq -, because y’know that would mean admitting to an error and the U.S. never ever does that – so instead they will cheerfully sacrifice someone else’s kids yet again for their delusions.

See you in the streets.