Yet another LAPD brutality video

That makes three such videos that have surfaced in the past few months.

The LAPD on Monday was grappling with another controversial videotaped arrest, this one showing an officer shoving a handcuffed suspect into a patrol car, then leaning in with a can of pepper spray to douse the man’s face before shutting the door.

Here’s the first two videos.

These instances of LAPD brutality were video’ed and thus people now know what happened. How many other such instances weren’t?

P.S. LAPD brass is described as ‘livid‘ over this video, and the officer involved has resigned. Will he be prosecuted?

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  1. […] That makes four major incidents of Los Angeles-area police violence in the past several days that have been captured on video. The LAPD clubbing video on July 8 we posted on YouTube has now been viewed nearly 200,000 times. […]

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