Israel and Iran

Israel is threatening to launch a preemptive attack on Iran yet the current real Secretary of State, James Baker, wants to cut a deal with Iran so as to help the U.S. withdraw from Iraq while still controlling the oil, and somehow still keep face at the same time.

An Israeli attack would be contrary to the interest of the adults who have assumed control of US foreign policy. Thus, Israel will be told to not attack. And they probably will obey, given it would be suicidal to their own interests to do otherwise. The Israeli tail does not wag the American dog and Israel’s biggest supporters, the neocons, are now dead as a political force.

After the midterm elections: Same goals, different strategy

Important sectors of the capitalist class in the United States have come to the conclusion that the U.S. government must first manage to avoid all-out military defeat with a new strategy in order to secure its long-term interests in the oil-rich Middle East. While the neoconservatives sought to destroy the governments in Syria and Iran, the new strategy may aim to try to draw the bourgeois governments in both countries into a regional settlement.

It is critical that the anti-war movement in the United States understand that a new strategy toward Iraq and the Middle East is not a step toward peace. It is absolutely not a response by the imperialist government to the yearning of the U.S. peopleâ┚¬â€or any peopleâ┚¬â€for peace. It is an emergency realignment of imperialist strategy in the face of their deteriorating position in Iraq.

If the desperate machinations by the Baker-led “adults” can’t stop the Iraq insurgency (and it won’t), then the coming defeat for the U.S. in Iraq will make their defeat in Vietnam look minor by comparison.