What’s next?

The Tuesday election was a huge victory for the Left and a repudiation of Bush and the neocons. Now that we’ve all done the Happy Dance for a few days, what’s next?

Our task is to take that energy and create an independent people’s movement so real change can happen, rather than have it get sucked into the Democratic Party where it will be neutralized and rendered harmless.

Most of the current Democrats in Congress voted for the wars and for destruction of civil rights. They will need to be forced into ending the wars because, as we all know, the imperial designs of the ruling class are based on controlling that Middle East oil.

Happily, the Dems will be more coherent and rational than the neocons (well, it would be difficult to be less rational, now wouldn’t it?.) They know the US is losing the Iraq war. However, they will probably blunder into thinking they can somehow forestall the inevitable defeat. They can’t.

Thus, a people’s movement is now more essential than ever. Genuine protest often gets sucked into the vortex of the Democratic Party. This election showed genuine nationwide rage and hatred against Bush and the neocons. Let’s take that energy and create a lasting movement out of it. That’s the way to end the wars.

P.S. Life of Riley has some good thoughts on the elections and what it means for the Left.