Arlington West – front page L.A. Times

Arlington West started in Santa Barbara by Veterans for Peace. Every Sunday, a cross was put on the beach for each U.S. military member dead in Iraq. The idea spread, now there are many of them, including in Los Angeles.

It’s not overtly political, yet just seeing 3,000 crosses on the beach gets their message across. It’s done respectfully. They often get military, some of whom are about to ship to Iraq. Families of the dead come too.

Two major points. They’ve decided, for logistical reasons to limit the number of crosses at 3,000, because volunteers have to build, truck in, set up, and maintain the crosses. It’s a huge job, they do it every Sunday, and they never thought the war would last this long or there would be so many dead.

Arlington West was featured on the front page of the L.A. Times morning, a real sign of changing times indeed.

Arlington West Santa Monica

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