Foley and Haggard

Meth and man ass

If a man lays with a man as with a woman
the Bible says so shall he be killed
if a man snorts a gram with a male prostitute
someone’s collection basket’s getting filled


I’m looking for someone to turn the other cheek
I’ll go on Larry King and tell him “Larry, i was weak”
deliver me from evil and deliver me from greed
deliver me a hot stud and a couple grams of speed

– Paul Hipp

What I still don’t get in all this is how fast Foley and Haggard caved. Some pages had IM’s of them and Foley. Once they were made public, Foley resigns immediately. Huh? It’s not like there wasn’t plausible deniability here. Prove the messages came from me would have been a good place to start.

This goes double for Haggard. I mean, a meth-dealing gay prostitute accuses him, and he too caves almost instantly. Yes, there were tapes, but most any good criminal lawyer could have put up an effective fog machine in a few hours.

Yet they both cratered quickly. Maybe there was other evidence that hasn’t been made public, but that seems doubtful. Maybe they could just no longer stand their live of lies, evasions, and spitting in the face of what they are. But they’d done this for decades, why was now any different?

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  1. Haggard turns the other butt cheek. I’ve had it with homo preists, no wonder “organized” religion makes me sick. They are a bunch of double talking fools and false talkers (load, not with peace, load salemen), yet a muillion times now. Go home(ie)

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