Kill for peace

Kill, kill, kill for peace
Near or middle or very far east
Far or near or very middle east
Kill, kill, kill for peace
If you don’t like the people
or the way that they talk
If you don’t like their manners
or they way that they walk,
Kill, kill, kill for peace

—The Fugs, 1965

From Ed Sanders of The Fugs now

Song Against Landmines (pdf)
From the upcoming The Fugs Final CD Part 2

He also offers a poem
The Impeachment of George Bush – A worldwide party (pdf)

More on the Fugs, their history and coming projects, at


  1. Yep. The Fugs. I’m glad some amongst us are still in Fug mode.I ran a street theatre group here in Australia during 69/70 and musically the Fugs were our inspiration..yeah and the Holy Modal Rounders. which sort of grew out of The Fugs. That anarchistic musicality seems to have been lost. There’s some threads of it in seventies Punk (at least I think so) but today, that sort of folkiness is too darn serious and won’t address the world as satirically as the Fugs did with their own rough and ready musical medium. Frank Zappa occasionally warped that way a bit but, understandably I guess, The Mothers of Invention was an exercise in pushing the musical envelope whereas the Fugs were/are just plain brash, outrageious and more politcial than you’d get from most groups today.. .

  2. Their most recent CD, The Fugs Final CD Part 1, is, no joke, their best yet. Grab a copy if you can. It’s all new stuff, and was released a couple of years ago.

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