Hands across the water

Andrew Sullivan is a well-known conservative Christian who blogs for Time Magazine. While formerly he backed Bush and the war(s), he now sees how he and other conservatives were lied to, how the Religious Right has attempted to jack religion for its own political ends, and how the Iraq war was wrong with the justifications based on falsehoods.

He explores, both in his blog and in his new book “The Conservative Soul. How we lost it. How to get it back” precisely these issues. He is particularly good in confronting the lies and fanaticism of the Religious Right because he knows the territory and is a person of faith himself. He’s also openly gay and often confronts homophobia from the Right.

In a recent post “The Anger of Liberals” he says, yes, conservatives and the Left have common ground, that while we certainly disagree on some things, on the madness of the neocons, we are united. I completely agree.