Confused Koslings no more?

Green Lisa emails that some of the Confused Koslings who, even though they oppose the war, originally supported prowar incumbent Howard Berman solely because he is a Democrat rather than antiwar Green candidate Byron De Lear, are now coming around.

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  1. from Alex, posted to Green Party LA County forum:

    Live and learn!

    My Dailykos “Diary” stayed on the front page for barely four hours before it disappeared beneath the waves, forever.

    There were just a handful of comments and all but one was strickly negative.

    I expected that, but what was shocking is that you could tell from the comments that nobody actually read what I wrote.

    It’s a funny feeling when you’ve devoted some time and efort into documenting an argument and the only feedback is a bunch of cliches. my link to the Washington Monthly article about the unintended effects of gerrymandered districts, alone, was deserving of a serious comment.

    And of course, they were all completely indifferent to the things I wrote about civil rights and growing up in the South.

    Amazing, truly amazing! No Democrat would ever be elected to high office anywhere in this country were it not for those ridiculously lopsided votes by African-Americans and Latino-Americans. And it is clear — painfully, painfully clear that all that doesn’t mean a damn things to these hyper-partisan Democrats.

    The Title is:

    “CA-28: Byron DeLear versus Howard Berman – What is My Duty?”

    and here is the Link:

    I tried to stand the “wasted vote” argument on its head by pointing out that for antiwar voters like me in California, running out and voting for some Democratic Party hack who is likely to be reelected with 70% or 80% of the vote is truly a wasted vote.

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