ANSWER L.A. antiwar rally, Oct. 28, 2006

antiwar march, lead banners, los angeles, Oct 28 2006, photo Bethany Malgrem

Cindy Sheehan, Gold Star mother. “We have to hold corporate media responsible too.” Cindy Sheehan YouTube video (3:03)

Gloria Romero, California Senate Majority Leader. “Bring our troops home now.” Gloria Romero You Tube video (3:08)

Bill Paparian, (lawyer, candidate for Congress, former mayor of Pasadena) details the many laws that George Bush has broken. He then introduces James Adomian as George “the devil” Bush who attempts to defend himself. (Adomian starts at about 3:35.) He has the Bush mannerisms and incoherent speaking style down pat and reminds us that “You folks are the oppositioners.” Check him out, he was great! Bill Paparian/James Adamian YouTube Video (9:52)

Mike Farrell, actor on M.A.S.H., long-time activist. “I want my country back.” Mike Farrell YouTube video (1:36)


  1. 5,000. Some media at the event we talked to said that was low. It was smaller than previous demos, but we expected that, given the huge amount of energy in the movement currently displaced by the elections.

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