Kevin McKeown works for everyone in Santa Monica

My friend Kevin McKeown is a member of the Santa Monica City Council and is running for reelection. He’s been targeted by real estate developers and slimed in ads.

Respected columnist for the LA Times Steve Lopez wondered why and took a look.

But why is the hotel company, which last tangled with McKeown over the living wage issue for hotel workers, so determined to run him out of office?

“The city owns property adjacent to Casa del Mar [a hotel owned by the developers]. It’s intended for affordable housing, and they do not want it on that site.” [said McKeown]

This story’s got legs, doesn’t it?

Kevin is the real deal; hard working, ethical, he cares about the community as a whole not just the wealthy. We were allies when we were active in the Green Party. He’s fighting to keep Santa Monica a place for everyone rather than it becoming “Beverly Hills of the Beach” with $600,000 1 bdr condos and building density that turns the streets into constant parking lots. Contribute to his campaign.

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