Lynne Stewart gets 28 months

That’s a whole lot less than it could have been for this 67-year-old radical lawyer who often defends those the mainstream despises.The sentence is hardly the best of all worlds but way better than the 30 years she could have gotten. She say some of her actions “were ill-advised.” The neocons wanted her scalp on a belt on bogus terrorism charges, and they almost got it.

Here’s some background on Stewart and the case.

She will no longer be able to practice law but will not die in prison either.
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  1. That, at least, is better than chucking away the key. She did a very, very silly thing, I think. But terrorism charges? That’s insane.

  2. […] They chuck away the key, because she’s been “giving material support to terrorists” (or, if you’re Bush, “terrrists”). Lawyer does silly thing; paranoid government responds with OTT response. Not treasonous, but certainly deserving of some kind of censure in my opinion. Bob reports that her sentence is now 28 months. Better, and at least she might not die in prison (although she has breast cancer, it turns out). Not sure if it’s a fair sentence, though. Kicking her off the bar? Yeah, I’d do that. Putting her away? Hmm. When did that get fun? […]

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