Death-bed repentance from the pro-war left

Lenin’s Tomb details the evasions and moral blindness of those on the left who originally supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and now, since it’s obvious the US/UK have lost, suddenly ‘oppose’ them.

Like John Kerry and the rest of Democrats who voted for the war, their born-again opposition to the war isn’t opposition at all. They see the wars have gone badly, that the neocons botched the job, so they want a better strategy for winning. This is no different from what Bush is doing.

Kerry’s recent comments on the war blasted Bush, saying “we must change course in Iraq”. But does he favor bringing the troops home now? Of course not. Rather, he wants a continuation of the attempted imperialist domination of the Middle East, with a new battle plan so the U.S. wins this time around.

Which of course, isn’t being antiwar at all.