That road goes nowhere

I knew him some years ago, he was a grad student, married with two kids. Smart, personable, he was deeply into Buddhism and meditating. Even though he spent hours a day at it, his wife didn’t mind because it made him so relaxed and calm.

They broke up. He got into heroin and, I just learned, od’ed a few years ago.

What a complete total waste of what looked to be a promising life.

Hey, maybe you smoke a little weed, and that’s probably a victimless ‘crime.’ But this, two teenagers no longer have a father, and that’s not victimless at all. Then there’s what he put them and his ex- through while he was using. And yes, I have been there. Back in the 60’s I was addicted to meth for a while. It was ugly, and so was I.

“I’ve seen the needle
and the damage done
A little part of it in everyone
But every junkie’s
like a settin’ sun.”

— Neil Young, Needle and the Damage Done

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  1. I don’t favor heroin use. I know where it leads– yes, from personal experience. But at 15 I was making practice cuts on my arms, and no one around me seemed to think there was anything wrong. Or at least, they didn’t have any answers. Drugs kept me alive when nothing else worked. Then they almost killed me. I figure they gave me ten years I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t used. That was long enough to find an alternate solution. Heroin use is not a victimless crime– but neither is suicide. Until there’s a solution for those of us who can’t stand living, I think it can be the lesser of evils.

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