Podcast. Bob Watada. Resisting the Iraq War

Bob Watada is the father of Ehren Watada, the first officer to refuse to serve in Iraq. He speaks of his son’s courageous choice not to participate in an illegal war based on lies, a war which violates the Constitution as well as the Geneva Conventions.

Bob served in the Peace Corps during the 60’s rather than go to Vietnam. He was a draft resister. Years later, he was Exec. Dir. of the Hawaii State Campaign Spending Commission, and his work exposed corruption and kickbacks that led to major politicians going to prison.

Hi style is low-key and relaxed. Then you realize he has a huge command of the facts, as he methodically makes his case that the Iraq invasion was based on lies and deception, is illegal, and must be opposed. He documents the multiple lies of the Bush administration as they pushed for war. I’d forgotten some of the lies, he hasn’t, as he calmly made a devastating case against the war. I’m sure some Hawaiian politicians underestimated this quiet man until they realized he just handed them their heads on a platter.

Bob is proud of his son, even with knowing that Ehren could get eight years in prison. He says Ehren is taking his principled stand for all of us, so that this insane war will end.

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mp3. (37:42, 12.6mb)

Recorded at an ANSWER LA Forum, Oct 3, 2006.

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