How the Foley story broke

Some hard right blogs are wondering how the Foley story was broken by a brand new, itty bitty blog which somehow got Foley emails no one else had and brought him down on their sixth, seventh, and eight posts. They see links back to C.R.E.W, an advocacy group highly funded by George Soros’ money.

They obviously think the timing of this is highly suspicious, that the issue was deliberately forced onto the national scene by liberals trying to torpedo Republicans right before the election.

They are no doubt correct. Something seriously Big seems to be playing out under the surface here, a sense there are currents and rip tides we know nothing of yet. What the right wing blogs omit is that Foley as much as admitted guilt by resigning so fast. Someone nailed him on this right before the election. Thus, there’s nothing suspicious about this at all, it appears quite deliberate and calculated. They wanted to torpedo Foley – and did. And may have much bigger game in mind.

Hey, Speaker Hasfert just asked Justice to investigate Congress on this, which will include members of his own party too. Hmm, Foley resigns within hours of the story breaking, now just two days later Hasfert is saying ‘investigate us” in a desperate attempt at damage control.

The Republicans aren’t doing the usual stonewalling and evasion so common to DC pols on this, which is odd indeed. Instead they are panicked, obviously confused, and terrified about what’s coming next.

Is this what they mean by an October surprise?

PS Wayne Madsen is reporting in his Oct 2 post that insiders say this is just the leading edge, a tsumani is coming, and dozens of Republicans may well lose their seats over this.

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