How the US Government planned America’s downfall

The subtitle to the article is The new face of class war and is written by a former hardcore Republican. Jobs are vanishing from the US as corporate America, working with the government, is deliberately outsouring as many jobs as possible overseas. Those jobs are never coming back. They know this and don’t care, so long as their class fattens itself at the expense of everyone else. So sayeth the Republican. (Somewhere, Karl Marx nods his head in approval.)
Along with class war comes its corrolary, All War All the Time.

The House just passed the The Gearing Up for War in Iran Act. It was co-sponsored by two Democrats – lest you think the Dems are doing anything but pretending to oppose the war(s.)

War fattens the wallets of the ruling class and the trickle-down from that means increased campaign contributions and cushy jobs after retiring from Congress. “There’s plenty good money to be made / By supplying the Army with the tools of the trade, ” Country Joe said about the Vietnam War, and that hasn’t changed.

It’s not their kids coming back from Iraq maimed, traumatized, or in body bags, now is it? Rather, it’s class war, declared by them, against us.