Carl Romanelli disqualified

A judge has tossed Green Party Senate candidate Carl Romanelli off the ballot in Pennsylvania after ruling that nearly 40,000 of the 100,000 qualifying signatures were invalid.

Romanelli’s campaign to get signatures was funded entirely by supporters of Republican incumbent, extreme right winger Rick Santorum. Yes, entirely. Outside of comatose Green circles, many say this was a politically clueless move that doesn’t pass the smell test. Hey, Romanelli could have taken the money, then attacked Santorum for being a right wing ideologue. But he didn’t. Instead he babbled isn’t it wonderful that the other side respects my views. No they don’t you silly twit, they detest your views and you are too dumb or too compromised to realize you were just a pawn in their game.

Also, for 40% of sigs to be invalid means something was way wrong with the process being used (I’m being charitable here…)

The Democratic challenger, Bob Casey, is 14 points ahead now – this before Romanelli, who was polling 3%, was disqualified.