Bush battered, where’s the movement?

Dubya and the neocon agenda have faced a multitude of setbacks recently, many engineered by their own party. The Bolton nomination was refused, Republicans are defying Bush on his all-torture-all-the-time agenda. The Afghanistan and Iraq wars have turning into defeats, and the Lebanon invasion backfired badly.

Seems like this would be the time for the movement to redouble its efforts. When the enemy is weakening, that’s the time to attack even harder, right? So, where’s the antiwar movement? Snoozing mostly, it seems. Maybe this is just a lull, or maybe too many are doing nothing hoping the Democrats take the House in November. Yeah, like that’ll help end the wars.

Protest in the streets does help. It does sway opinion. The ANSWER Coalition has called for nationwide antiwar protests on October 28, just before the elections. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a Democratic House will end the wars (or avoid new ones, like Iran.) Get involved now.