The Pope on Islam

If he’s going to talk about religion and violence, shouldn’t at least a passing reference be made to the sometimes bloody history of Catholicism? Just wondering…

The Spanish Inquisition, The Crusades, the subjection and genocide of indigeneous populations in the name of saving their souls, the indifference of the Pope Pius XII to the Holocaust, well, “clean up your own backyard,” like the song says.

Update: ‘God’s Rottweiler‘ AKA The Pope has issued a non-apology apology.


  1. Religions are always right, after all they are carrying out God’s work, its the other guys that get it wrong by listening to false Gods. Once you enter the realms of religion you’re in the world of fantasy, after all they have the “sacred” words, no need to think. We could make a tremendous improvement to the world just by taking power away from the God Gang, the mullahs, rabbis, popes and priests. It would one big step for mankind, allowing people to think for themselves. They all preach love and will kill all those whom the think are not filled with that “love.”

  2. I believe that Pope John Paul II apologized for the Crusades and the Inquisition and even condemned forcing others to believe what they believed. But I don’t believe that the Church should talk about how some factions of Islam today is violent when they are as violent as some factions of the Church was back then.

    And as a Catholic, I believe that Benedict should clarify what he meant by his comments. I do not believe he meant to start up a sh*tstorm and if he did, he is dead wrong.

    BUT, NO WAY am I going to stand by while people the likes of Ayman al-Zawahri tell the whole world to convert to Islam or face a terrible death. That retarded a-hole can go to hell before I convert to Islam or be threatened to do so. He is a million times more condemnable than Benedict for he actually gives a death threat to people that do not believe in Islam, pretty much in the same way as the Church did 500 years ago.

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