IRS attacks liberal church

Retired minister George Regas made antiwar comments in a sermon in 2004. Now, just before another election, the IRS is demanding the church turn over documents related to that. The current minister says he will present this to the congregation on Sunday and expects their answer will be No. The church, All Saints Episcopal of Pasadena, CA, is liberal, affluent, and has a long history of activism.

Regas, who has spoken at several ANSWER LA antiwar rallies, did not endorse any candidates, rather he said Jesus would have told Bush that his strategy of preemptive war ‘has led to disaster'” For this, the IRS, in a clearly politically motivated move, has now suddenly decided All Saints could lose their non-profit status.

All Saints has the will and resources for a fight. I hope they refuse to turn over documents, and we should support them 100%.